VibroSlim Radial 3D Vibration Plate, Vibration Trainer Fitness Machine with Workout DVD, Wall Chart & Resistance Bands – 3 Year Warranty

$350.00 (as of February 3, 2019, 6:05 pm)

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The VibroSlim Radial 3D Vibration Plate uses advanced vibration technology to fast-track your health and fitness journey. It combines 3 movements in 1 machine so you’ll completely customise your workout. Use side to side (oscillating), up and down (lineal), or for the first time a 3D circular movement which incorporates both up/down and left/right to give you a full body workout and provide maximum results.

The VibroSlim Radial 3D vibration trainer is the ultimate vibration machine, offering what was once considered inconceivable: strength training and weight loss all-in-one! The usage of a complex dual-motor, the platform can move in 3 different directions at the same time. This versatile vibration machine is perfect for anyone to use, from the elderly who would like to gently stimulate blood circulation to the conditioned athlete who is searching for an intense workout to burn fat and tone muscles faster.

Features of the VibroSlim Radial 3D Vibration Machine:

  • 1-20 manual speed settings
  • 3 pre-set automatic programs
  • 2 built-in motors
  • Choose from lineal, pivotal, and tri-planar movements
  • LED display Keep an eye on panel
  • Workout DVD, Wall Chart, Resistance Bands & Remote Control
  • Easily stored away under your bed when not in use
  • 3 year warranty with 30 day money back guarantee
  • Max user weight: 275 lbs

The VibroSlim Radial 3D Vibration Machine is not strenuous on the body and can be extremely beneficial for those who may be suffering certain types of aliments or injuries but who still need to tone and exercise. Vibration technology is suitable for all ages and can be a great way for even the elderly to keep in shape and increase bone density. There is not any want to spend hours at the gym, as a work-out on the machine only takes 10 minutes. Tone muscles and burn fat by purchasing a VibroSlim Vibration Machine today!

Latest in technology – 3 vibration modes in 1 machine. Make a choice from lineal, pivotal, and tri-planar modes
Save time exercising and fast-track your results as you reinforce, tone up, and enhance body stability at an accelerated rate
2 built-in motors, 20 manual speed settings, and 3 preset automatic programs
Resistance Straps, Instructional DVD, Wall Chart & Remote Keep an eye on included
Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness